Antique Rose Florist
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Antique Rose Florist

Beautiful arrangement
Megan Ramos, Henderson, NV
7/15/2022 9:43:32 AM
Family owned and operated for 43 years. I spoke with Debbie Montoya, so lovely, very passionate about her work, knowledgeable and helpful. Such a pleasant experience super easy. Debbie helped is putting together the perfect floral arrangement for my cousin and her knew baby and for the best price. Will definitely use Antique Rose Florist in the future.
Beautiful flowers
Lourdes Copitas, Henderson Nevada
1/8/2022 8:21:32 PM

Antique Rose made beautiful arrangements for my Mother’s funeral. They created 4 arrangements plus a Rosary of Rose buds. The flowers and colors were beautiful. They were above and beyond our expectations. Thank you so very much for everything. You always produce beautiful arrangements!

Specialty Flowers to say "Congratulations"
Gayle Faragher, Valencia, CA
9/26/2021 10:43:08 PM
My sister-in-law and brother-in-law just moved from ID to Henderson and I wanted to share fresh flowers with them as they began the huge task of unpacking. I found the Antique Rose Florist from a selection of Florists in Henderson BUT did I make the BEST CHOICE EVER!! Debbie created one of the most elegant, beautiful, memorable arrangements. It was absolutely spectacular!! Thank you Antique Rose Florist.
Flowers for my brother’s annuversary
Mary, Polk City, IA
8/19/2021 3:47:41 PM

Debbie was so helpful with coming up with an artsy design for my brother snd sister-in-law’s anniversary. She was fun to work with and the flowers were perfect! I will use them again.

Barbara Lawson-Risso , Las Vegas
6/10/2021 11:56:53 PM

With Graduation season in full swing... Anitque Rose has been my go Florist. They always deliver on beautiful arrangements. So awesome to see the smiles & tears of those on the receiving end. Flowers make the best gifts!!! Thank you Debbie & Dicky for all you do!!!

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